CSGOFast is one of the oldest CSGO Spin Wheel sites, offering players a safe and secure (featuring SSL encryption) connection, the option to win CSskins, bonuses, and more on CS GO Spin Wheel.

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Spin Wheel

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up to 15% bonus to XP

💸 Deposit

CS Skins, Visa/Master, Crypto, etc.

💰 Withdraw

CS Skins and other virtual goods

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How to Spin in CS GO: Getting Started with Wheel of Fortune

CSGOSpin Wheel is easy to get started, and it's a game that will have you hooked for hours. Players can begin playing by:

  • Connecting their Steam account to CSGOfast, which is done through Steam's API to ensure that your login is 100% safe;
  • Confirm your login;
  • Choose a deposit method (more on this below);
  • Go to the Spin Wheel;
  • Spin the wheel for $1.

The wheel will then spin, landing on a random item on the wheel. Players can take the item if it's a skin they want or automatically sell it for the value of the item listed on the screen.

For example, if the item has a value of $50.04 (Fast Coins), you can sell the item for this value if you like.

Players sell Most Items to win the high-value items and discard some lower-value items. Why? Because they're familiar and "nothing special."

Some drops are slightly more than your $1 bet, but a few are worth $70 or more. Rare items can be sold back to top off your account, or you can send them to your Steam, where you can boost your in-game experience in CS:GO.

Win Rewards with the Spin and Other Lucky Spins

Test Your luck in CS GO Spin Wheel. Win big. And do it all from the comfort of your home. Players have the opportunity to win:

  • Unique skin prizes that they can claim right to their Steam account.
  • Boost your experience in CS GO with some of the best and rarest skins in the game.

Be on the lookout for promotions, which we often hold, because they allow you to win even more prizes without any risk. We often run free giveaways, raffles, leaderboard prizes, and rake backs.

Winners gain access to prizes that they can use in CSGO.

Every player is a winner on CSGOFast's Spin Wheel. You might win prizes greater or smaller than the $1 bet. But every player wins, allowing for countless hours of fun and chances to score some of the best-looking skins in the game.

Note: Spin Wheel winnings can take as long as 20 minutes to withdraw your winnings.

Join CSGOFast Today and Embarkon your CS Wheel Journey

We Make it as simple as possible to play your first few games:

  1. Fill in your information
  2. Connect your Steam account to your CSGOFast account
  3. Play!

Now, all that's left to do is enjoy the excitement of spinning and winning some of the top skins in CSGO.

When everyone is a winner, it's a fun, relaxing game that you'll absolutely love.

Experience the Thrill of CS GO Spin Wheel

What Are you waiting for? Start playing CS GO Lucky Wheel on one of the world's most trusted sites.